Mike Bland

go-script-bash v1.6.0

I've released go-script-bash v1.6.0, a small release featuring its first user-contributed feature!

- Alexandria
Tags: Bash, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, dev tools, go script, programming, technical, testing

I’ve just released go-script-bash v1.6.0, a minor update that includes the first feature contributed by a user! Juan Saavedra contributed an update to go-template to download a release tarball from GitHub rather than using git clone, which he found a little surprising as a user.

Though it’s been a long time since go-script-bash v1.5.0, it’s not like I haven’t been busy thinking about this project, as I’ve been creating features in my custom-links and dev-setup projects that I’d like to import into the framework. I also came up with a few more during the course of merging Juan’s contribution. However, since I left him waiting longer than I should’ve to merge his contribution, and I know how “little” features of this project can end up taking time to polish across multiple operating systems, I’ve decided to release v1.6.0 today and push these other items to the v1.7.0 milestone. All of the other features previously slated for the v1.6.0 milestone have been bumped to the v1.8.0 milestone.

(One of these days, I’ll get back to mbland/certbot-webroot-setup and the “Switching to Let’s Encrypt with HPKP" series as well.)

I’m obviously having a lot of fun with this project and getting a lot of use out of it—but it’s pretty cool to have someone else excited enough to add a feature to it, too!