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go-script-bash v1.5.0

I've released go-script-bash v1.5.0, a relatively small release introducing the lib/prompt and lib/existence modules.

- Alexandria
Tags: Bash, dev tools, go script, Linux, Mac OS X, programming, technical, testing, Windows
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I’ve just released go-script-bash v1.5.0, a minor update compared to the previous few releases that introduces the new lib/prompt and lib/existence modules. These modules contain functions imported from the bin/lib/impl module from mbland/certbot-webroot-setup that make working with user input and checking for the existence of files and commands a bit less onerous. All of the other features previously slated for the v1.5.0 milestone have been bumped to the v1.6.0 milestone.

With this in place, I’ll update mbland/certbot-webroot-setup to use go-script-bash v1.5.0 and resume the "Switching to Let’s Encrypt with HPKP" series.