Mike Bland


Hire me!

If you’d be interested in retaining my consulting services to help transform your organization—be it to drive adoption of automated testing, DevOps practices, or other challenging forms of organizational change that require creativity, humanity, patience, and tenacity to successfully implement—please visit The Rainbow of Death first. Have a look through the narrative, the slides, or the thirty-minute video; feel free to share the link with colleagues and collect their opinions.

As explained in that talk, my approach consists of identifying the pain points, restraining forces, and cultural levers present in your environment, then using the Rainbow of Death model to craft an array of lightweight, grassroots efforts to address different parts of the solution from different angles. I will work with the Instigators already present in your organization to get the right messaging to the right people in the right order, and ensure that they retain a sense of ownership and are given due credit for the outcome.

I will inspire your Instigators to find ways to provide the rest of your organization with the knowledge and the power necessary to make the right thing the easy thing.

You might also wish to examine my portfolio, which reflects my keen interest in using, developing, and contributing to Open Source software. Publicly sharing as much code and knowledge as possible isn’t only good for my portfolio, but doing so as part of our collaboration can help establish your organization and its members as thought leaders in the industry—augmenting your existing efforts to attract talent, as well as retain it by building the careers of your people in a highly-visible (and fun!) way.

If my views and approach align with your sense of what your organization needs to make lasting change happen, please reach out to me at mbland@acm.org, and we can discuss the scope and timing of a potential engagement.