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DevOps Handbook Case Study

Gene Kim posted about the appearance of "The Birth of Automated Testing at Google in 2005" in the upcoming DevOps Handbook.

- Alexandria
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Definitely an “Aww, shucks…” moment here: Gene Kim, who graciously invited me to speak at last year’s DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015, just sent out an email highlighting the Case Study for the Birth of Automated Testing at Google on the IT Revolution blog, in anticipation of the upcoming DevOps Handbook. Needless to say it was an honor to be invited to tell the story last year, and it’s an honor all over again to have him share the story and heighten its prominence in anticipation of the book. Can’t thank you enough, Gene!

In other news, I’ll post the video from my Surge 2016 appearance as soon as it’s online. In the meanwhile, here’s the slides for The Convergence of Wills (Surge 2016 Edition). Not only was I really happy with the way this last (last?) iteration of the talk turned out, but I also was struck with inspirado when Nathen Harvey of Chef invited people to extemporaneously give additional lightning talks. I ran up and gave a completely off-the-cuff talk on my go-script-bash framework that I’m so pleased with; I believe that video will be available as well.