Mike Bland

DevOps Enterprise 2015 Presentation: Pain Is Over, If You Want It

The video for my talk at the 2015 DevOps Enterprise conference, in which I talk about Google and 18F, is now available on YouTube

- Alexandria
Tags: 18F, D.C., Federal government, Google, Test Mercenaries, Testing Grouplet, Testing on the Toilet

There’s a lot I need to catch up and write about, but I wanted to make sure to announce that the video from my DevOps Enterprise presentation is now available on YouTube (slides):

I’d like to especially thank Gene Kim for the opportunity to speak and for his generous assistance in structuring the talk for maximum impact, his assistant Aly Hoffman for patiently handling all the logistics involved in getting me out there, and my 18F colleague Pia Scott for guiding me through the government approval process.