Mike Bland

DevOpsDays and the TVA

A last minute announcement of my DevOpsDays DC talk and upcoming unit testing workshop in Chattanooga.

- Alexandria
Tags: Federal government, Google, Test Mercenaries, Testing Grouplet, Testing on the Toilet

I’m delivering a shortened version of my "The Convergence of Wills" talk at DevOpsDays DC this Thursday, June 9. Thanks to Alan Kraft of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and Nathen Harvey of DevOpsDays DC for bringing me on board.

Next week, I’ll be in Chattanooga, Tennessee delivering an automated testing workshop based on my Unit testing in Node.js tutorial. I’ll also be delivering “The Convergence of Wills" one more (last?) time, and a new talk focused on the importance of documentation that I’m calling “Making the Right Thing the Easy Thing". Thanks to Tony Harper of the Tennessee Valley Authority and Allison Reedy of The Company Lab for doing so much great work to make this happen.

Incidentally, as a private citizen, I’m looking at the Chattanooga trip basically as a vacation. The Company Lab is covering my hotel, and if there’s sufficient registration to cover costs, may provide me with a little bonus, but I’m otherwise donating my time, funding the trip myself, and doing it all for fun. I’m super stoked about making the road trip down there, as I’ve never been to Chattanooga and it seems like a really great place. (Plus: road trip!)

I met both Alan and Tony at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 conference back in October, and I’m grateful for the opportunities they’ve provided me. Hopefully I can repay the favors in kind someday.