Mike Bland

The Rainbow of Death

My presentation of "The Rainbow of Death" at DevOpsDays Baltimore 2017 went really, really well; the slides and full narrative are available here!

- Alexandria
Tags: Google, Rainbow of Death, Test Mercenaries, Testing Grouplet, Testing on the Toilet, testing

It is finished. I couldn’t be happier with how The Rainbow of Death came together and with my delivery at DevOpsDays Baltimore 2017. The slides and the full text are posted on that page, and I’ll post the final video there once it’s available.

Can’t thank the reviewers for the talk enough for their generous and insightful feedback that made the final product of exponentially better quality. Special thanks to Ramez Mourad for encouraging me to submit a proposal and for being so accommodating of my technical needs during the event itself. And congratulations to all of the DevOpsDays Baltimore 2017 organizers for pulling off such a smooth, successful event—the first of its kind in Baltimore!

And now I have a calling card! If anyone’s interested in the sort of work I would perform for their organization and how I’d approach it, all they have to do is spend thirty minutes reviewing the narrative, slides, and/or video—after that, we can talk.

And oh! One more thing: This was the tenth anniversary of the second Testing Fixit I organized!