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DevOpsDays Baltimore live stream details

The DevOpsDays Baltimore live stream details are posted, so tune in at 9:15am on March 8 to catch The Rainbow of Death!

- Alexandria
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We’re doing it live! The Rainbow of Death that is. Visit the DevOpsDays Baltimore live stream page, or visit the DevOpsDays Baltimore YouTube channel directly.

I’ll be presenting The Rainbow of Death on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 9:15am Eastern Standard Time (GMT+5). Tune in with colleagues, friends, and family, but note that parental discretion may be advised.

Also, an announcement: I’m so pleased with this presentation that I’ve created a page on this blog dedicated to The Rainbow of Death. I’ll post the slides and the full text of the narrative to that page immediately after I’ve delivered it at DevOpsDays Baltimore, and will post the video there once it’s available as well.