Mike Bland

The Revolution Will Be Televised

"The Rainbow of Death" talk I'm giving at DevOpsDays Baltimore this Wednesday, March 8 at 9:15am ET is promising to be the best talk I've yet given.

- Alexandria and Charlottesville
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Y’all, I’m getting more and more excited about delivering The Rainbow of Death this Wednesday, March 8 at 9:15am Eastern Time as one of the DevOpsDays Baltimore keynote speakers. The organizers are putting together the live streaming details, so stay tuned to the DevOpsDays Baltimore website and this here website to discover them once they’re available. As my friend and conference co-organizer Ramez Mourad, the one who inspired this new direction for the talk and helped get me on the bill, told me a few days ago, this Revolution will be televised! (See what I did there? Revolution, anybody?)

Regarding the next go-script-bash release, and pretty much everything else in my life right now, I’ll get right back on that after Wednesday. Right now I’m giving this presentation everything I have.