Mike Bland

Making the Right Thing the Easy Thing (January 2017 Edition)

I've delivered an updated version of my "documentation and training" talk at Royall & Company at the invitation of Isaac Truett

- Richmond and Alexandria
Tags: Google, Test Mercenaries, Testing Grouplet, Testing on the Toilet, go script

After an unbelievably easy and peaceful trip down Interstate 95 to Richmond and back, I’m happy to report that I delivered the second iteration of my “documentation and training” talk, Making the Right Thing the Easy Thing (January 2017 Edition), at Royall & Company this morning. I updated the talk a bit to include a reference to the “Three Ways of DevOps" as codified by Gene Kim et al. in The DevOps Handbook, as well as a few quick slides about my latest passion project, the go-script-bash framework.

(Speaking of which, oh man, am I excited about the features I’ve been hacking on…it’s gonna be another exciting new release coming up soon!)

Tons of thanks to my friend Isaac Truett for inviting me to swing down to deliver the talk, and to Emily Schindler for her help scheduling the event and managing the webinar. She made sure doing the right thing was very easy for me indeed!