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"Making the Right Thing the Easy Thing" presentation

I delivered a talk on the importance of documentation and training to the culture change mission during the Chadevs weekly lunch Meetup.

- Chattanooga
Tags: Federal government, Google, Test Mercenaries, Testing Grouplet, Testing on the Toilet
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The video of my “Making the Right Thing the Easy Thing" presentation from today’s Chadevs weekly lunch Meetup is already available. I’ve also already posted the “Making the Right Thing the Easy Thing" slides. The organizer, Brett, told me he thought he counted eighty-three in attendance.

All in all, I was pretty happy with it. I wasn’t going for as much drama and laughter as earlier talks, but folks seemed to enjoy it, and there was some good Q&A afterwards.

I’m now finishing the last workshop session of the afternoon. Got one more day tomorrow, then it’s back home to Alexandria.