Mike Bland

The Worst Computer Science Joke Ever

Sometimes, when inspiration strikes, it isn't pretty; in fact, it can be downright painful and horrid. Please don't read this post.

- Alexandria
Tags: 18F, funny, programming, technical

Last night after work at Tonic, some of my 18F colleagues and I were lamenting recent technical issues with our computers. Earlier that day, our Documentation Working Group video conference was beset with persistent echoing until we figured out that Leah Gitter’s mic mute button was lying to her, so the problem didn’t go away until she logged out. My machine stopped recognizing external monitors on Friday until I did a SMC reset. Many of us often log into a video conference only to find our microphones aren’t working, until we either quit the browser or reboot the machine.

Since the solution to many of these problems involved restarting programs or the entire system, I got to thinking out loud:

I bet there’s some poor kernel buffer in there somewhere saying “Man, I’m so full, I swear I couldn’t take another byte.”

I’m grateful to my colleagues Leah, Alan, Jen, and Lindsay for not slapping me or throwing a drink in my face and walking out.