Mike Bland

Giving Back to Open Source 18F Blog Post

I've written a new 18F blog post describing my experience using Bitly's oauth2_proxy for the 18F Hub and contributing code changes back to it.

- Washington D.C.
Tags: 18F, D.C., Federal government, Go, technical

Been a busy blogger these days. Today we’ve published my 18F blog post about giving back to open source by way of contributing changes to Bitly’s oauth2_proxy. Lots of open source fun all the way around: I was able to use the oauth2_proxy to authenticate 18F Hub users; I was able to adapt it for use with 18F’s own MyUSA authentication product; and I was able to contibute a host of changes directly to the original source repository.

Best of all, I finally got to do some significant Go hacking. I get to serve my country, contribute to the open source ecosystem, and hack Go? Livin’ the dream!