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FedScoop Article about 18F Guides

Billy Mitchell from FedScoop covered 18F Guides in a brief article late yesterday, providing a little more context around the vision.

- Washington D.C.
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Billy Mitchell from FedScoop covered 18F Guides yesterday. I appreciate the way he prompted me to provide a little extra context beyond what was explicitly stated in the blog post. I’m also grateful, as always, to shine a light on the kind of foundational work I’m trying to do. While the point of the enterprise is to build exciting and useful user products and/or services, somebody’s got to build the enterprise.

Just realized the similarity with my grandfather’s work. He was a large-scale construction foreman, and an expert pile driver. Of course the people driving over or working upon the structures he helped build care about the utility and integrity of the overall structure, not just the foundation, somebody had to drive those piles so those structures would stand firm over time.