Mike Bland

18F Pages

I posted an announcement of 18F Pages, our government-approved reimplementation of GitHub Pages.

- Washington D.C.
Tags: 18F, D.C., Federal government

Today Noah Kunin and I posted an announcement on the 18F blog about 18F Pages. Not an earth-shattering development, but an important one to support our objective of cultivating and spreading awareness of best practices across U.S. government technology development teams (and their customers).

Plus, it was a pretty cool hack. The idea went from conception to launch in just over a day, thanks to our pre-approved technology stack, which is the same one used for the 18F website and the 18F Public Hub. Also, this is my first attempt at a small Node.js server, published in our 18F/pages repository. As it turns out, just as I suspected, the venerable ControlFlow pattern from the Old Company was a perfect fit for Node’s asynchronous, event-driven application model. Granted, I didn’t follow the pattern to the letter, but you can see in the SiteBuilder class from hookshot.js that I got pretty close.