Mike Bland

Quick Update on 18F

Quick updates on my progress as part of 18F, and "Large Scale Culture Change: Google and the US Government" at the GSA on Dec 2

- Hampton
Tags: 18F, D.C., Federal government

Since joining 18F on November 3, I’ve been operating in Fixit Mode, which is to say that I’ve been pushing myself practically non-stop. This is not a sustainable state of affairs, but it is a good sign, in that I’m feeling engaged and productive enough to give this team and its mission my all.

I’m not sure how much I’m at liberty to publish about what I’ve been up to so far, and I haven’t even yet thought to ask, so bear with me as I ask for clarification. Suffice it to say that I believe I’m in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. Mostly I’m helping 18F improve its internal documentation and information sharing processes, and I’ve already engaged several talented and enthusiastic partners-in-crime to launch a handful of promising internal products and causes. Stay tuned.

Also, I’ll be repeating my Large Scale Culture Change: Google and the US Government presentation this Tuesday, December 2, at 9:30am EST, and it is available as a streamed webinar via DigitalGov. It may only be able to folks with a .gov or .mil email address, but I’m not certain. However, if you know of someone with a .gov or .mil address who’d dig it, feel free to pass on the info.

Hope y’all’re all having a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!