Mike Bland

OpenSSL Makefile Refactoring Report

I've produced a report on the early, promising results of my OpenSSL makefile refactoring experiment, in which I was successful using GNU make.

- Brooklyn
Tags: OpenSSL testing, programming, technical

As announced in an earlier post, I’ve been methodically refactoring OpenSSL Makefiles to a top-Makefile-with-includes structure. I’m happy to report some early, very promising success in my new report OpenSSL Single-Makefile Build Experiment. Feedback welcome.

Whether or not the experiment results in OpenSSL adopting the structure, there are two huge benefits to come of this process. For one, I fixed latent build issues that should be adopted regardless; these are described in the report. For another, I may have another publishable article on my hands once a judgment is made and the process runs its course.