Mike Bland

OpenSSL Testing

To launch the effort to add unit/automated tests to OpenSSL, I've created OpenSSL wiki pages and created the openssl-testing Google Group

- Boston
Tags: Heartbleed, OpenSSL testing, technical

I’ve created the openssl-testing mailing list to discuss the OpenSSL unit/automated testing effort, to avoid clogging openssl-dev. Membership is open to whoever wishes to join, even if only to lurk. Ideally all testing discussions will eventually move to openssl-dev once we have processes, tools, conventions, etc. in place.

I’ve started documenting the effort on the OpenSSL wiki, starting with the Unit Testing page and the How to Write Unit Tests for OpenSSL page. Despite the outstanding issues (e.g. working with internal APIs and private symbols), using my GitHub fork, we can begin adding tests right away. Once we have resolution on some of these issues, my fork can be updated accordingly, and we can eventually commit the results to the master OpenSSL repository.

Thanks to everyone whose interest and support is helping to make this happen!