Mike Bland

Finding the Worm

Apple's recent SSL security bug compelled me to write a blog post for AutoTest Central illustrating how unit testing could've helped prevent it

- Boston
Tags: Apple, AutoTest Central, goto fail, programming, technical

Against my better judgment, I felt compelled to write another blog post for AutoTest Central explaining how unit testing and/or basic testable design principles might’ve prevented Apple’s recent SSL security bug from slipping through to release. The temptation to put aside music for a day and add my $0.02 to this topic was too great to resist.

Now that that’s out of my system, back to the studies. Though I have to say, getting fired up about the bug and my ideas about how it could’ve been prevented, creating a working example from the actual code to back up my argument, and finally publishing the article with a link to the patch was more fun than I care to admit. Sometimes you can take the programmer out of the tech industry, but you can’t take the Test Mercenary out of the programmer.